Bioresource Conservation Network (BCN) was incorporated by Corporate Affairs Commission as a developmental non-profit/ non-governmental organisation on 4th March, 2016 with registration certificate number CAC/IT/NO/ 8534. It is interested in the sustainable conservation and utilization of bio-resources such as existing flora and fauna, especially endangered species for human survival. In other words, our work is directed at halting the loss of biodiversity, protect and prevent the extinction of threatened species, especially plants. Yesterday, we were close to nature as exemplified by the Garden of Eden that had everything. Today, we have sacrificed all that mainly on the altar of modernization. The ecosystem is depleted daily of its natural resources due to unbridled exploitation and environmental degradation.

Bioresource Conservation Network believes that this generation appears to be the last link between the past and future, with respect to a reservoir of indigenous knowledge about lesser-known and endangered species. It behooves on this link generation to draw attention to the enormous wealth in the nature’s germ plasm, that is under threat of genetic erosion or extinction and take necessary action to ameliorate the threat to biodiversity loss.

BCN is also interested in harnessing environmental management and of natural resources for the benefit of man. Access to such natural resource as water and sustainable environment are pivotal, not only to human survival, but also invaluable in the conservation of biodiversity.

Our current area of network is in Nigeria. In the near future we welcome international networking for greater impact. We network with Non-Governmental Organizations, Government Agencies, Corporate Bodies, Communities and Individuals who share in our dreams.

 We hope to actualize our mission and objectives through Research, Capacity building and ground implementations of target activities. We recognise that there is reservoir of knowledge among the indigenous people. To this end, documentation and publications will serve as tool to forestall obvious truth that ‘the death of a man is akin to a burnt library’. We pray you to support this dream or similar ones in your community.